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The work of this ministry in New England is sustained by and dependent on the donations of churches and individuals like you.

You may mail your contribution, payable to:
Restoration House Ministries
1300 Wellington Road
Manchester, NH 03104

Thank you for your generosity.

Spread the Word

Join us in personal partnership with a church planter and his family by “adopting” them for the purpose of prayer, encouragement, and the meeting of specific needs. Most have moved miles from family, friends, and the familiar to live the vision here in New England. Having the support of others who willingly commit to them personally can protect from discouragement, isolation and weariness. Here are some important, yet practical ways to express this partnership:

  • Join them on Facebook.
  • Tell others about the church and ministry.
  • Plan a visit to see in person what the church planter’s world is like.
  • Organize a group to assist with key projects (prayer walks, construction, community touches). 
  • Pray regularly.
  • Read communications from the church planter such as emails, newsletters, and blogs to stay current with their ministry and personal situations.
  • Provide housingand/or transportation duringtravels, especially to and from airports.
  • Remember the church planter and their family at holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.

We have Planters in Boston, New Hampshire & Rhode Island that would love your support.

Drew Thurman Renaissance Christian Church

Drew Thurman
Renaissance Christian Church

Tanner Green SouthPointe Christian Church

Tanner Green
SouthPointe Christian Church

Jeff Stalnaker OceanPointe Christian Church

Jeff Stalnaker
OceanPointe Christian Church

Jared Cowgur BridgePointe Christian Church

Jared Cowgur
BridgePointe Christian Church

Missions Trips

Restoration House can help you create a meaningful mission trip for your church. With opportunities ranging from helping to start a new church, to working with dozens of children in a creative arts camp or VBS, to a cross-cultural experience your people will see firsthand the need for church planting in New England. Your ministry for even a few short days will leave a lasting legacy for years to come. Timing of trips and the size of the group is always a factor. 

Contact us early so that we can help set up a trip that will challenge your church in a powerful and significant way.