Internships & Resident Ministry

We offer two intership programs:

First, a semester-long experience that allows you to be a part of a new church for five months. Most of our mentors have been in on the ground floor of church planting. They understand the dynamics of planning, strategizing and praying for a new church.

Second, an internship that can last for one to two years. This program is more suited for someone who has just graduated and wants gain experience under a qualified mentor. In the past some students who have interned in this program have worked themselves into a full time ministry in the church.

RHM can help provide the following for your internship:

  • Qualified mentors who will help you develop your passion for ministry
  • Internships in preaching, youth ministry, children's ministry, worship, business administration; other possibilities may be accommodated
  • Peer mentoring by other students during the intership program
  • A culture that is very unchurched, but relatively open to the gospel 
  • Housing at a very reasonable rate 

Lincoln Christian University is a significant partner in the internship program. While LCU students have been the majority of the interns in the program, RHM encourages other college students to apply for internships and resident staff positions. We are also encouraging seminary students and campus ministry students to apply for select resident staff positions. If you are interested, please contact Dan Clymer at or call 603.668.8808.