Restoration House Ministries values … 

  • The Supremacy of God
    We believe that God the Father has revealed Himself through His Son, Jesus, and continues to exercise His power through His Spirit. God reigns supreme over nature, history, and human life. Restoration House Ministries recognizes that it depends completely upon God for vision, direction, power, and resources. 
  • The Authority of the Bible
    We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is entirely true. It is the standard by which we know what to believe and how to live. The truth revealed in the Bible governs every aspect of Restoration House Ministries. 
  • The Universality of the Gospel
    We believe that salvation is only through Jesus Christ. All people have sinned and need a Savior. Jesus’ death and resurrection guarantees that all people may obtain salvation through their faith in Him. RHM seeks to impact all people groups with the message about Jesus. 
  • The Greatness of the Commission
    We believe that every Christian and every church has a great commission from Jesus to make disciples of all people. Restoration House Ministries is committed to establishing and assisting churches to make disciples of Jesus. 
  • The Centrality of the Church
    We believe that the local church is God’s chosen vehicle to edify believers and evangelize the world. Planting new churches is the most effective means of fulfilling Christ’s commission. Restoration House Ministries seeks to build and strengthen partnerships among existing churches in order to plant new ones. 
  • The Development of Leaders
    We believe that it is both the privilege and obligation of Christian leaders to develop potential leaders for service in the church. Restoration House Ministries offers leadership training for church members, ministers, and ministry students, while at the same time encouraging and equipping churches to offer programs for leadership development within the local church. 
  • The Principles of the Restoration Movement
    We believe that Christians may discern God’s pattern for the Church through New Testament principles and reproduce it in our own time. The Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in the Restoration Movement have a heritage of practice according to these principles. Restoration House Ministries is committed to the advancement of churches within this movement and to the advancement of these principles among churches with which we share faith in Christ. 
  • The Significance of New England
    We believe that the region of New England is a significant area for worldwide impact of the Gospel because of its historical, cultural, political, economic, educational, and ethnic influences. RHM seeks to transform the spiritual landscape of New England. 
  • The Integrity of the Organization
    We believe that Restoration House Ministries is responsible and accountable first to God, and also to its supporters, for its operation according to honest, efficient, and effective leadership and management practices.